What is wedge in Nascar?

The diagonally related weight between the left-rear and right-front wheels is referred to as cross-weight or simply wedge. It is often measured as a percentage of the vehicle’s total weight. When more than 50 percent of the car’s weight is on the left-rear and right-front wheels, the car is said to have more wedge.

What does Wedge mean in a race car?

The tire at the rear on the left loses the greatest amount of weight, and the difference in its weight compared to the right-hand rear tire is known as the wedge. If the wedge is too high, then that means the left-hand rear tire is too heavy, and the car will not handle well as it’s steered through the corner.

What is wedge in NASCAR Heat?

Wedge makes the car looser or tighter. A loose car is better on the short runs but a tighter car is better for long runs. If you want a tighter car, up the wedge ; a looser car, decrease the wedge.

What’s a wedge adjustment?

Essentially, a wedge adjustment is increasing or decreasing the tension on the spring in the rear suspension. Depending on how a car is adjusting to the track, a driver might notice that track conditions have changed to a point where a wedge adjustment is needed.

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How does wedge affect work?

A wedge makes work easier by increasing the force applied to the object, although it applies the force over a shorter distance. This gives the wedge a mechanical advantage greater than 1.

What is an example of a wedge in a car?

Some common examples of wedges are nails, chisels, shims, and doorstops. A wheel and axle is a tool that consists of a circular object called a wheel with a rod called an axle going through its center.

What is loose and tight in NASCAR?

In NASCAR lingo, a car that tends to oversteer on the track is considered loose. … The rear of the car slides out, and precious seconds are lost. If the front tires of the car tend to lose traction due to understeering in a curve, the car’s considered tight.

What does NASCAR 5 heat tape do?

Higher tape % will increase speeds, water/oil temps, loosen the car. Lower tape % will decrease speeds, water/oil temps and tighten the car. Tape causes aerodynamic changes that have very little affect at speeds less than 140 MPH. to turn in the middle of a corner.

What is NASCAR tape?

Tape is used as an aerodynamic tool in NASCAR, as well as a repair device. If you look at pictures of the cars, you’ll see the grille openings on the front. Teams will cover these with tape to improve aerodynamics and increase speed. If you watch qualifying, you’ll see the openings are completely covered.

What does the track bar do in NASCAR?

The track bar is located underneath the rear of the car. By raising or lowering the right side of the bar, a driver can alter the position of the rear axle in relation to the car’s centerline. Any changes affect the weight distribution of the car and how it moves through the corners on the track.

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What is wedge used for?

wedge, in mechanics, device that tapers to a thin edge, usually made of metal or wood, and used for splitting, lifting, or tightening, as to secure a hammer head onto its handle. Along with the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, and screw, the wedge is considered one of the five simple machines.

How are wedges useful?

Wedges are used to lift heavy objects, separating them from the surface upon which they rest. Consider a block that is to be lifted by a wedge. … They can also be used to separate objects, such as blocks of cut stone. Splitting mauls and splitting wedges are used to split wood along the grain.