Quick Answer: What cars are in Need for Speed Carbon?

What is the best car in Need for Speed: Carbon?

Lotus Elise

This little devilkin was the best car in Most Wanted. Better than Mercedes’, Astons, Porsches – most of the players drove the Elise. In fact it didn’t lose its main speed in Carbon, which is handling in the corners, but when compared to tier III cars it is simply too slow. But it’s worth driving.

What car is on the cover of NFS Carbon?

European cover art featuring a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX and a Dodge Challenger drifting through a corner. Need for Speed: Carbon is a 2006 racing video game and the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series.

Can you still buy Need for Speed: Carbon?

Need for Speed Carbon is not available at Origin Store anymore. But some retail stores(e.g. amazon.com) still have some used or even new copies. There are available also the WideScreen Fix, no cd key fix & OnlineEnabler.

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Can you get Darius car in NFS Carbon?

After you win the canyon duel with Darius, the screen says that the player has unlocked the Le Mans Quattro, and 4 other cars, whichever the player cannot unlock in their career. Also, there is a cutscene after that screen, in which Darius gives you the car.

How do you buy cars on Need for Speed Carbon?

Unlockable Cars

  1. Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic) – Defeat Wolf in Boss Battle mode.
  2. Colin – Defeat Wolf or TFK.
  3. Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle) – Defeat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.
  4. Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic) – Clear all 3 Turf War races.
  5. Mazda RX7 (Tuner) – Defeat Kenji in Boss Battle mode.
  6. Nikki – Defeat all 3 beginning bosses.

How do you unlock a Porsche Carrera in Need for Speed Carbon?

The Carrera GT appears in NFS: Carbon as a tier 3 exotic class car. It costs $240000 in the dealership. It can only be unlocked if the player starts in the Exotic path.

Who is Nikki NFS Carbon?

Nikki is played by Emmanuelle Vaugier in-game.

How do you unlock the BMW M3 GTR in NFS Carbon career?

The BMW M3 GTR is unlocked by completing a reward card. It is one of the hardest rewards to obtain in the game.

Does NFS Carbon have DLC?

Need for Speed: Carbon features various downloadable content packs offered for the Xbox 360 release through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PC release through the EA Webstore, but was not offered for the PlayStation 3 release. Released content includes early unlock packs, post release packs, and bundles.


Can I run NFS Carbon without graphics card?

Minimum system requirements:

A video card with 64 MB memory and one of these chipsets is required: NVIDIA GeForce3 / NVIDIA GeForce4 (Ti series only) / ATI Radeon 8500. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.

Is Need for Speed 2015 still online?

In-game stores have also closed. … Need for Speed games still on sale and online include Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), Need for Speed Rivals, Need for Speed (2015), Need for Speed Payback, Need for Speed Heat and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Is NFS Carbon a sequel to Most Wanted?

Carbon is the sequel to Most Wanted. Silverton is Darius’s part of the city.

How do you get Supra in Need for Speed Carbon?

The Supra RZ appears in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City, and is unlocked upon defeating Layla 3 in the PlayStation Portable release or upon defeating MK in the Nintendo DS release.

Who plays Darius in NFS Carbon?

Need for Speed: Carbon (Video Game 2006) – Tahmoh Penikett as Darius – IMDb.

How do you beat Darius in Need for Speed Carbon?

The trick is just to stay in the lead, if he passes you, 95% chance you won’t pass him back, get him from the start then just stay in the front. Take the most helpful shortcuts you can, because he’ll take them, and just pass you if you take the normal routes. On the canyon, I beat him first try.