Who plays Robyn in Need for Speed?

Need for Speed (Video Game 2015) – Christina Wolfe as Robyn – IMDb.

What car does Robyn drive in need for speed?

Vehicle. Robyn drives a BMW M3 E46 (2006).

Who are the actors in Need for Speed game?

The cast of Need for Speed is:

  • Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall. View this post on Instagram. …
  • Dominic Cooper as Dino Brewster. View this post on Instagram. …
  • Dakota Johnson as Anita. …
  • Imogen Poots as Julia Madden. …
  • Rami Malek as Finn. …
  • Ramon Rodriguez as Joe Peck. …
  • Harrison Gilbertson as Pete Coleman. …
  • Scott Mescudi as Maverick Jackson.

Who plays Spike in NFS?

Need for Speed (Video Game 2015) – Adam Long as Spike – IMDb.

What city is NFS 2015 based on?

Need for Speed takes place in the fictional city of Ventura Bay and its surroundings which is based on Los Angeles. Need for Speed has a redesigned ‘Wrap Editor’, and body modifications return to the series after nearly five years.

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Who played Robyn in NFS 2015?

Need for Speed (Video Game 2015) – Christina Wolfe as Robyn – IMDb.

Who played Maverick in NFS?

Scott Mescudi as Sergeant Benny “Maverick” Jackson: a member of Tobey’s crew.

How much is the Mustang from Need for Speed?

Following its numerous appearances leading up to and in the Need For Speed feature film, the custom “Need for Speed” 2013 Ford Mustang GT sold for $300,000 at Barrett-Jackson’s auction this past weekend. The winning bidder was Dave Flynn of Columbiana, Ohio.

What is the de Leon race?

Autódromo de León in León, Guanajuato is a motorsport venue. The racetrack was opened in 1976. It is 0.75 mi (1.21 km) long. The Copa Marlboro, Formula 2, Formula 3, Copa Mustang, Tractocamiones, Sport Prototipos, Motos 600, Formula K, Superformula and GT-championships ran or are running at this venue.

Who plays Anna in NFS heat?

Ana Marte is the voice of Ana Rivera in Need for Speed Heat.

Is Need for Speed 2015 still available?

Need for Speed games still on sale and online include Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012), Need for Speed Rivals, Need for Speed (2015), Need for Speed Payback, Need for Speed Heat and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Is Need for Speed 2015 single player?

One of the issues players had with Ghost Games’ 2015 Need for Speed reboot was that it was an always-online game. … Now, EA has announced that the next Need for Speed, due out before the end of 2017, will include the ability to play single-player offline.

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What city is Bayview based on?

This is the second area players will unlock access to and is heavily based on Beverly Hills. It is the lower mountainside of Jackson Heights and contains extremely curvy roads.

Who voiced Mac in NFS payback?

David Ajala is the voice of Sean ‘Mac’ McAlister in Need for Speed: Payback.

Is Need For Speed 2 player on PS4?

Originally Answered: is there any of new need for speed games with 2 players and split screen in PS4? Sadly, no.