Who has the highest win percentage in Nascar?

As great a career as Richard Petty had, he comes up short to Herb Thomas in overall all-time winning percentage. According to the NASCAR record book, for drivers with 100 or more career starts, Thomas had a winning percentage of 21.053 percent (48 wins over 228 starts).

Who is statistically the best NASCAR driver?

All-Time NASCAR Cup Series Wins List

  • David Pearson – 105 wins. …
  • Jeff Gordon – 93 wins. …
  • Dale Earnhardt – 76 wins. …
  • Kyle Busch – 59 wins (active driver) …
  • Kevin Harvick – 58 wins (active driver) …
  • Rusty Wallace – 55 wins. …
  • 12. Lee Petty – 54 wins. …
  • Tony Stewart – 49 wins.

Who has the longest winning streak in NASCAR?

The most consecutive wins in NASCAR history is 10 and that was accomplished by Richard Petty in 1967. Winning 10 races in a row is something that I can confidently say will never happen again.

Who won more races Ford or Chevy?

Chevrolet has been the most successful, with 40 titles. The second most successful is Ford, with 17 titles.

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Who has the most Top 5 finishes in NASCAR history?

While many might consider Richard Petty the most consistent driver in NASCAR history, Tim Flock had an uncanny record of consistency that no one else could match. He won nearly 22 percent of the races he started (39 wins, 187 starts), along with 102 top-five and 129 top-10 finishes.

Where does Jeff Gordon rank?

Jeff Gordon — A four-time champion whose 93 career wins ranks third on the all-time list.

Who is the goat in NASCAR?

“Jimmie Johnson is the greatest NASCAR driver of all time. In a parity-filled era that witnessed a generation of drivers who started racing practically at toddler age, Johnson dominated in both wins and championships. “He went head-to-head with the best of his time – Jeff Gordon (who helped him get his No.

What is the fewest cars to finish a NASCAR race?

There were only 14 cars left to finish, Brad Keselowski won it.

What is the most successful racing car ever made?

5 Most Successful Race Cars in History

  • BMW E30 M3. The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series and the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986. …
  • Porsche 956. …
  • Ferrari F2004. …
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. …
  • McLaren F1 GTR.

What NASCAR team does Tony Stewart own?

Stewart Haas Racing Team

Stewart Haas Racing was founded back in 2009 by NASCAR Hall of Fame member Tony Stewart and Gene Haas. Before Stewart came along, Haas CNC Racing has been competing in NASCAR since 2002.

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What brand dominates NASCAR?

With 800 wins, Chevrolet is the winningest manufacturer in NASCAR Cup Series™ history.

What NASCAR driver has led the most laps?

Kyle Larson eclipsed the 2,000-laps led mark in 2021.

Who has the most NASCAR wins in 2021?

2021 NASCAR Cup Series Standings

1 Kyle Larson 10
2 Martin Truex Jr. 4
3 Denny Hamlin 2