What is top bulb drag racing?

Top bulb racing is delay box racing which is the use of a timer and your enter a time to make it where the rider can let off a button on the top yellow and the bike leaves the line once timer runs out…

What is box no box drag racing?


1. No Electronics. The use of Delay Boxes is prohibited. Electric and or pneumatic shifters are allowed. Single stage line locks, two steps and trans brakes are permitted.

How does delay box work?

A delay box delays the launch of a drag car using an electric signal that holds the trans-brake with hydraulic fluid pressure. During a race, a driver releases a button that internally countdowns the electric signal until it releases the trans-brake to almost a perfect light.

What is a by run in drag racing?

Bye Run. If a situation arises when a driver doesn’t have an opponent to run with, he then takes a solo pass known as Bye Run to eliminate the benefit coming from less used engine. In most eliminator formats, first round is best suited for the bye runs.

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At what RPM should you launch a Transbrake?

Anywhere between 3500 and 4500 with a converter that would “flash” to between 6700-7000 depending on air.

Why do drag racers bump in?

The “Bump Box” has totally transformed the way many drag racers stage their cars. By controlling the trans brake with a high speed micro processor, the car can be bumped into the second bulb with extreme precision and control! Allowing the driver to focus on the tree, and not worry about rolling the beams.

What is a Willys Gasser?

A gasser is a type of hot rod originating on the dragstrips of the United States in the late 1950s and continued until the early 1970s. In the days before Pro Stock, the A/Gas cars were the fastest stock-appearing racers around.

What is crosstalk in drag racing?

Cross talk is when the the slower racers tree falls both top yellow bulbs come on then the slower racers tree continues and then the faster one will follow in the difference in ET’s cross talk is to help you always be focused on your top yellow no matter if its eliminations or time runs!

What does double bulb mean in drag racing?

The opposite of courtesy staging is generally called double bulbing. Which is when a racer turns on the first and second stage bulb before their opponent turns on their first bulb. Sometimes this is just inexperience. Sometimes it’s gamesmanship on the part of the racer.

What does red light mean in drag racing?

Foul Start

Also known as a red-light. When a vehicle leaves the starting line before the green light, indicated by the red light on the Tree. When a foul start occurs in eliminations, the racer is eliminated from further competition at the event (unless his or her opponent commits a worse infraction).

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How fast are pro stock cars?

Pro Stock engines use electronic fuel injection and spec gasoline and are restricted to a maximum of 500 cubic inches. They can make in excess of 1,300 horsepower. A competitive Pro Stock car can run in the 6.5s at more than 210 mph.

How does bump box work?

The Bump Box is wired into the transmission’s transbrake solenoid, and works by momentarily overriding the transbrake with a very brief, all-on/all-off signal that allows for very controlled movement of the car. With the transbrake engaged, a single press of the Bump Box switch moves the car forward one ‘bump’.

Can you put a transbrake on a manual?

Introducing the MANSBRAKE. AKA a transbrake for manual transmission equipped vehicles! Whether you have a completely stock daily driver or a 1500 horsepower stick-shift car. This device will allow you to set clutch engagement on a button and will also slip your clutch upon release of your transbrake button.