What happens to Darius after NFS Carbon?

What happened after Need for Speed: Carbon?

Need for Speed: Carbon is a 2006 racing video game and the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series. … The game was later succeeded by Need for Speed: ProStreet in 2007.

Can you get Darius car in NFS Carbon?

After you win the canyon duel with Darius, the screen says that the player has unlocked the Le Mans Quattro, and 4 other cars, whichever the player cannot unlock in their career. Also, there is a cutscene after that screen, in which Darius gives you the car.

Who is Darius in NFS Carbon?

He is played by Tahmoh Penikett.

Is NFS Carbon a sequel to Most Wanted?

Carbon is the sequel to Most Wanted. Silverton is Darius’s part of the city.

Who is Nikki NFS Carbon?

Nikki is played by Emmanuelle Vaugier in-game.

Who is Rog in NFS Most Wanted?

Rog is a character that appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Rog provides the player gameplay advice and announces Boss Race events from Blacklist members.

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How do you beat Darius in Need for Speed Carbon?

The trick is just to stay in the lead, if he passes you, 95% chance you won’t pass him back, get him from the start then just stay in the front. Take the most helpful shortcuts you can, because he’ll take them, and just pass you if you take the normal routes. On the canyon, I beat him first try.

What is the best car in NFS Carbon?

Lotus Elise

This little devilkin was the best car in Most Wanted. Better than Mercedes’, Astons, Porsches – most of the players drove the Elise. In fact it didn’t lose its main speed in Carbon, which is handling in the corners, but when compared to tier III cars it is simply too slow. But it’s worth driving.

How do you get Supra in Need for Speed Carbon?

The Supra RZ appears in Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City, and is unlocked upon defeating Layla 3 in the PlayStation Portable release or upon defeating MK in the Nintendo DS release.

How do you get pink slips in Need for Speed Carbon?

Pink slips are the three cards that the racer is presented with after winning a race against a boss in Carbon. A pink slip will get the racer cash, a unique upgrade, or the ultimate prize: the car driven by the boss during that race.

Is Razor in Need for Speed Heat?

The 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 “Razor Signature Edition” in Need for Speed: The Run has a livery similar to that seen on Razor’s car. Razor is the one Blacklist racer who contacts the player the most throughout the game. … In Need for Speed: Heat, there is a district called Fort Callahan.

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What is Palmont City based on?

Downtown Palmont – City Center, based on Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Silverton – Based on Las Vegas, and has a small industrial area and high up residential area.

Who is the main character in NFS Most Wanted?


▼Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Characters
Story Player · Mia Townsend · Rog · Ed
Blacklist Sonny (#15) · Taz (#14) · Vic (#13) · Izzy (#12) · Big Lou (#11) · Baron (#10) · Earl (#9) · Jewels (#8) · Kaze (#7) · Ming (#6) · Webster (#5) · JV (#4) · Ronnie (#3) · Bull (#2) · Razor (#1)

What happened after NFS Most Wanted?

The game is succeeded by Need for Speed: Carbon, which serves as a sequel to Most Wanted.