What does no electronics mean in drag racing?

This class is for TRUE FOOTBRAKE cars that run 9.99 or quicker in an 1/8 mile bracket format. The class will be ran on a five tenths full tree all run format. Deep staging will not be allowed. Use of a Delay Box is prohibited. Delay Boxes MUST be removed from the vehicle!

What does no box mean in drag racing?


1. No Electronics. The use of Delay Boxes is prohibited. Electric and or pneumatic shifters are allowed. Single stage line locks, two steps and trans brakes are permitted.

What does no prep in drag racing mean?

Generally, a no-prep race is run on a track that hasn’t been prepped on the day of or during the event. That is appealing to many racers, but seen as a recipe for disaster by many others.

What does T S mean in drag racing?

Reaction Time

The time it takes for a vehicle’s front tires to clear the staging beam after the green light comes on; measured in fractions of a second.

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What is an illegal drag race?

Drag racing involves a speed competition between or among automobiles on a public road or highway. It’s a misdemeanor in most states. Like almost all crimes, drag racing requires that the defendant intentionally commit the illegal act; the driver must intend to participate in a speed contest.

At what RPM should you launch a Transbrake?

Anywhere between 3500 and 4500 with a converter that would “flash” to between 6700-7000 depending on air.

What does pedaling mean in drag racing?

Pedaling: When a driver lifts off the throttle, then gets back on it again, in an attempt to regain traction with the rear tires. … Shut down area: The portion of the track after the finish line that drivers use to slow their machines following a run.

How fast do NPK cars go?

All of that money gets the cars up to breakneck speeds of around 185 miles per hour in the quarter mile, a speed that only takes them seven and a half seconds to attain.

What do they spray on a drag strip?

Competition drag strips use a resin-based compound called PJ1 TrackBite (formerly known as VHT) that gets sprayed onto the asphalt to create a sticky surface for impressive launches.

How long is a no prep track?

When Top Fuel got “too fast”, before limiting their track length to 1,000 feet from 1,320 feet, as well as a variety of other class rules, NHRA would prep less to prevent the cars from hooking up so perfectly and in turn slow them down. Next time, we will talk about the latest craze…

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What does Duck mean in racing?

Filters. A fund-raising event where numbered plastic ducks are released in a river, with the winner being the person whose duck reaches the finish line first. noun.

What does dial in mean in drag racing?

A dial-in time is used to establish a handicap start in a bracket race. The dial-in is the driver’s estimated elapsed time (ET) their car will run in competition, and allows just about any two vehicles to compete with a handicap start.

What is ET in racing?

Racers line up in front of a countdown device, called a Christmas Tree. When they leave the starting line, timers record how long it takes them to reach the finish line. This is called elapsed time, or ET for short. Top speed is also recorded.

Is there a way to street race legally?

In an effort to discourage illegal racing, a number of municipalities in California, Florida, Arizona and elsewhere permit legal street races, held at specific locations. These venues host competitions, certify times and provide pits for repairs before and after races.

Why do street racers burn the road?

As most every race fan knows, the burnout is done to generate heat, and therefore stickiness, in the rear tires before each run. … The main reason for burnouts, though, is to remove any non-rubber material the tires might have picked up in the roll from the pits to the line.

How much do illegal street racers make?

Street racers make between $11,000 and $13,000, which is considered as a low statistic if they were to be paid that amount per year, and is considered relatively low whilst compared to other professional street racers of a much more substantial class of street racing.

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