What BMW is in NFS Most Wanted?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released in 2005 and it featured a unique hero/cover car – a BMW E46 M3 GTR.

Which BMW is used in NFS Most Wanted?

The BMW M3 GTR appears in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and is available from the beginning of the career mode. The career partially revolves around the M3 GTR as it is the player’s car at the beginning of the game until it is sabotaged.

Is BMW M3 GTR real?

BMW E46 M3 GTR – One of the most limited production models ever produced. The BMW E46 M3 GTR came to life in February 2001 and was the first M3 in the history of the company to feature a V8 engine. … Since the Le Mans M3 GTR was a V8, the road car had to be, as well.

What is the BMW in NFS?

When it comes to cars there are many fan favorites spread across the 20 years of NFS history, but one in particular stands out, the BMW M3 E46.

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Why is BMW M3 GTR so popular?

Many people particularly like the BMW M3 GTR because the game’s story proceeds in such a way that there is always a desire to get the ride that you lost. However, in the process of completing the game, there develops a certain bond between us and our cars. We can trust perticular rides for perticular events.

What is an E46 BMW?

The BMW E46 is the fourth generation of the 3-series produced worldwide from 1999-2006 – available in sedan, coupe, hatchback, and wagon body styles. … The E46 325xi brought the option for AWD back to the 3-series for the first time since the E30 while all other E46 models sent power to the rear wheels.

What year is the BMW M3 from NFS?

Need for Speed: World. The BMW M3 GTR was added into the car dealership on March 5, 2010 during the first closed beta as a tier 3 vehicle.

What is BMW E36?

The BMW E36 is the third generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, and was produced by the German automaker BMW from 1990 to 2000.

Is BMW M3 GTR rare?

BMW M3 GTR is one of the rarest BMWs ever produced.

Who owns a BMW M3 GTR?

Three E46 M3 GTRs are believed to exist, and M Division now owns all of them.

Who owns a BMW M3 GTR?

Top Speed – Horsepower 0/100 – PS Torque
322 km/h (245 km/h Le Mans 2001) 0/100 – 3.2 Second (3.4 2001) 480 Nm (Le Mans 2001)
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How do I get the BMW M3 GTR?

Reach level 17 to unlock this car for purchase in the dealership for 175,000 CR.

Where is the BMW M3 GTR in Most Wanted?

You can find the BMW M3 GTR in the very bottom left-hand side of the map in Mount Providence hidden amongst the trees in a small area of shops. Just like any other type of Abandoned Car, successfully avoiding the cops and delivering the car to Rav’s will make it yours to keep!

What happened to the BMW M3 GTR in NFS?

He crashes into a truck carrying steel pipes, parked across the road. The pipes rolls over the player’s car, totalling it. The BMW is taken away, and is never to be seen or driven in Career Mode again.

What year is the NFS BMW?

Every game has a hero car. Sometimes it is the car you drive the most of in a game, sometimes it is a car you work hard to obtain, sometimes it is the car on the cover, and sometimes it is all of the above. Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released in 2005 and it featured a unique hero/cover car – a BMW E46 M3 GTR.

How much does a BMW M3 GTR cost?

Recaro leather covered racing seats were added, the rear seat was removed and special M3 GTR sill plates finished off the interior changes. A total of six cars were completed before the program was terminated.

In Detail.

type Limited Production Car
built at Munich, Germany
production 6
price $ $ 229,000
engine V8
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