How many heat levels are there in NFS Most Wanted?

While in a pursuit, the police will refer to your “Heat” level as a “Condition”. There is a total of 7 Conditions in the game.

What is the highest heat level in NFS Most Wanted?

In Carbon, the default maximum heat level is 2 and will be raised after defeating a crew boss.


  • Heat Level 2 – Available from the beginning.
  • Heat Level 3 – Defeat Blacklist racer #13 – Vic.
  • Heat Level 4 – Defeat Blacklist racer #9 – Earl.
  • Heat Level 5 – Defeat Blacklist racer #5 – Webster.

What is the maximum heat level?

Theoretically, the Planck Temperature (100 million million million million million degrees C) is the highest temperature that can be achieved, but the Hagedorn Temperature is even higher, at 2 x 1012 degrees. That’s a lot of zeros.

How do you get heat level 6 in NFS Most Wanted?

* Heat level 5 (Federal Authorities): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #5. * Heat level 6 (Cross Street Racing Unit): Defeat the Blacklist Rival #1 (final level). After you beat the Rockports Most Wanted level, Heat level 5 will then consist of both the Federal Authorities and Cross Street Racing Units.

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What is heat level in NFS?

Heat Levels

A heat level represents the pursuit condition a street racer’s vehicle should be treated with; 1 being the lowest engagement and 5 being the highest engagement.

Is there a heat 6?

Shocking: There Won’t Be a NASCAR Heat 6 Game, Motorsports Games Set to Revamp the Game With Major Changes. Video game creator Motosport Games is set to change the title for the NASCAR Heat Series from 2021. The famous video game franchise will see a new name from the next edition, as per CEO Dmitry Kozko.

How do you not get busted in Need for Speed Most Wanted?

Five top tips from Criterion on how to lose cops in Need for Speed Most Wanted.

  1. Get out of sight. It’s a little known fact that you can switch off the engine and park up in Most Wanted. …
  2. Explore the City. There’s no substitute for knowledge of the city. …
  3. Get to know the cars. …
  4. Turn and fight. …
  5. Use Modifications.

How do you level up fast in Need for Speed?

If you’re looking to level up fast, you’ll need to generate heat. The way that Rep works, it isn’t so much a currency as it is experience points to unlock better items for your car. The rep you pull in each night can be multiplied by how much heat you’ve accumulated with that evening’s activities.

Can you be a Cop in NFS Heat?

We all know for those people who played or heard of Need For Speed Rivals, you can play as a racer or a cop. … Hot Pursuit features 80 different cars (DLC included), but not all cars have a Racer and a Cop version: some cars are exclusive to one side of the law.

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Can I give my friend a car in NFS Heat?

The car that you want to transfer from studio to nfs heat game must first be purchased in nfs heat game itself. … Make sure the car you want to transfer from favorite is on the screen of your studio app. On your nfs heat game you press studio and the transfer will take place automatically.