How does the Gold Pass work in Mario Kart Tour?

Is the Gold Pass in Mario Kart Tour worth it?

Yes, paying the subscription for a month or something is better value than just buying premium currency, though that shouldn’t surprise you. It’s like a battle pass VS loot boxes. One is always going to be better value.

How do you activate gold pass on Mario Kart Tour?

From the Apple ID you used to purchase your Gold Pass, go to the Gold Pass purchase screen and tap Complete Purchase and you can continue using your Gold Pass benefits without any extra charge.

What’s the point of 200cc in Mario Kart Tour?

200cc is the fastest mode in Mario Kart Tour. One of the reasons the someone might want to play that mode is because it is more challenging. Your cart would be harder to handle compared to the other modes. You would have to use more drifts and/or lighter carts to make it around corners without hitting walls.

How do you get 200cc on Mario Kart Tour?

200cc in Mario Kart Tour is one of four racing speeds and difficulties. It is the fastest and most difficult of them all. 200cc, however, is only unlocked while obtaining the monthly subscription to the Gold Pass. All rewards and points obtained from 200cc are exactly the same as to 150cc.

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Is Mario Kart Tour free?

Mario Kart Tour free to play

Excitingly, and good news for Mario Kart fans, the game is free to play on mobile devices, meaning anyone can play it.

How does COC Gold Pass work?

The Gold Pass is purchased in the Season Challenges view. It needs to be purchased again from the Shop for each Season Challenges season. It does not renew automatically. The Gold Pass is valid for one Season Challenges season, and each season lasts a calendar month.